Although this is defiantly not my first time at 20Twenty I am certainly glad to of started my apprenticeship and seeing what this amazing company gets up to on a day to day basis. Although I have only been here a week I already know this was 100% the right choice. 

On Tuesday we went to Wysing Arts Centre and Kettles yard in Cambridge. My view of visual arts had a quick change. I used to think artists just chucked anything together because they felt like it, but I found out most if not all art represents something. It could be something that the artist has experienced in life and they want to represent it in a different way or could be something that the artist feels very strongly about and wants to make a change. Kath and Marian also had a go!


The fun didn’t stop there. The following day we were at The Spinney in Wisbech for National Play day, which was a fun filled day. The 20Twenty Community Ambassadors had three stands which were: Colouring, stress ball making and last but not least face painting. The guys did amazing and worked hard but they found plenty of time to have fun and go on the zip line and slip and slide. I did not fancy getting soaked in muddy water myself but the children had a whale of a time. Wow what a great week so far!


 Thursday. Surly there can’t be much more fun. But there is! Katherine was feeling nice and said we could start at twelve as we had a meeting after work. Anyway, first off, me, Kylan and Gordon all went through and had to highlight want we wanted to try and achieve while competing our apprenticeship. I would explain but it just wouldn’t make much sense as it doesn’t me at the minute. After this we got the amazing task of playing Jenna! I know most of you are probably thinking, how is that work? Well I can assure you it is. It is for a project called Bits and Bytes and we had to come up with ten handicaps for people to have while playing the game. For example, you can only use two fingers or you have five seconds to remove a block, and its safe to say I’m not the best at Jenna. Then we had to unpack loads of new iPads which was slightly scary as I was terrified about not dropping one. It’s safe to say that I didn’t in the end. After work we had a meeting for Theatre in Education (TIE) which was about bullying and coming up with creative ideas to deliver it to year sevens at Cromwell, and that concluded that day.

One day left and wow what a week. We done some training with Geri about how to update the 20Twenty website. Did it go well? Well let’s just say Kylan and Gordon manage ok and I got there in the end after a few attempts. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Also, it was the summer workshop this week and could not wait to see what this group of young people had put together. What a show! 


Well that’s my first Blog. I hope you have enjoyed it and I’m sure I will be back soon. But it’s goodbye for now and thanks for reading my blog. 

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