13th July 2018


These past few months have been hectic (when isn’t it?!) but a lot of fun, with many different projects taking place. In this blog though I will be discussing something you may have seen a bit of here and there, and something I run every week – LAMDA.

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA stands for London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. It is a drama school in London which run many different courses – the most well know being degrees in various arts topics (performing arts, directing, stage management). As well as this they have exams which take place all around the country that anyone can take. These exams run in a number of subjects (e.g: acting, devising, Shakespeare) and students are normally entered for an exam by a teacher or drama coach who has worked with them and prepared them for the exam.

That is what I do. I work with young people, normally from age 8 and up on work that they will perform in a LAMDA exam, in front of a LAMDA examiner. At 20Twenty we run solo acting courses for the LAMDA exams.

How does this work and what is involved?

LAMDA exams are something you need to be committed to, as it requires a lot of work at home as well as in a session with me. Normally for the exam the student will need to prepare two monologues and a range of answers to some set questions about the monologues.

Once they have chosen two monologues, we start by learning more about the character: Who are they? What are they like? How do they talk and move? We then start to build that character using a number of exercises.

Once we have developed and learnt more about the character, we start to stage the monologues – thinking about who we are talking to, where things are placed in the scene, as well as how we want to perform it.

Throughout this whole process, the young people are learning a number of valuable skills and acting exercises which they can use in other parts of their performing, and everyday life. They also grow confidence in themselves and their abilities.

As we get closer to the exam we do a number of mock exams with other 20Twenty Staff/Volunteers. This will get them used to the exam process as well as provide valuable feedback on the students monologues and set answers.

The exams our students go to take place in Cambridge in June/July.

Is it worth it?

I have been running LAMDA sessions since 2014 and all my students have received Merits or Distinctions in their exams.

I really enjoy working with the young people for their LAMDA exams; to see them grow and develop themselves and their work, and learn new skills is wonderful. I always feel proud of them, how hard they have worked and what they have achieved – especially as they don’t have the ‘on stage’ support of fellow actors/friends – this is completely solo.

These exams are great for anyone who is thinking of studying acting at a higher level, or who is thinking about having a career in the arts. They are also brilliant for people who would like to gain new skills and improve their confidence.

Our LAMDA program is currently getting a re-vamp, so more information about our LAMDA exams will be available soon. If you are interested in your child doing a LAMDA exam, please speak to Geri about what is on offer, by emailing or phoning: geri@20twentyproductions.co.uk  01354 652769

It is certainly worth it!

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