Hi there! We’re Jamie and Ryan, and we ran 20Twenty’s ‘Around the World’ Summer Workshop. We had so much fun running it, and we hope everyone involved did as well. Obviously, trying to perform a show in a week isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, so a lot of planning had to be done in advance, but we weren’t without help. Kath and Geri helped us with the overall running of the workshop, and we had a lot of volunteers who also came to help us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to them for giving up their time to come and help out. There were so many people involved that were instrumental to the entire process, and we honestly couldn’t have done it without them.

On Monday, we started work almost right away, with a read through of the script and the casting of parts done by lunchtime! This meant we could spend as much time as possible making the show look really good. On Tuesday and Wednesday we focused mainly on running through the scenes and songs and looked at starting to put the show together. We were quite busy throughout the week, as each group (France, Egypt and Scotland) had to learn two songs and two dances, as well as their lines! We were both very impressed with how quickly they managed to learn everything, and by Thursday, the show was beginning to take shape. There were times when we both wondered if we’d given them too much to do, but when we realised they knew most of what they needed to, we knew it was going to be a great show.

 When it came to Friday, we both knew the show would be great, thanks to all the children’s commitment to learning all their lines, songs and dances. However, with it being the first show we’d ever directed, we couldn’t help but to be a bit nervous about how it would go. Of course, the show went really well and we were so proud of all of them, as well as everyone that helped out backstage and behind the scenes. Although there were stressful moments throughout the week, we both had fun running it and the children had fun too (or so they told us!).

Thank you for reading, and if you came along to the workshop or the show, we hope you enjoyed it, as we certainly enjoyed running the workshop, and we can’t wait to do more stuff with 20Twenty in the future!


– Jamie & Ryan

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