What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is way for young people to earn qualifications by engaging in extra curricular activities. Arts Award is for anyone aged up to 25 and encourages them to grow as artists and arts leaders. It inspires connectivity and taking part in the arts industry, ranging from fashion, to digital art, pottery, events management, music and many more.

There are five different qualification levels which allows young people to:

1. discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form

2. develop their creativity and leadership skills

3. learn new skills and share them with others

4. get to work with or experience working with creative arts professionals

5. gain experience and knowledge to progress into further education and employment

To achieve an Arts Award qualification young people take on challenges in their chosen art form, participate in arts activities, experience arts events, become inspired by artists and share their arts skills with others.

Young people create a portfolio to keep a record of their creative journey. Along the way they are supported by an Arts Award adviser, acting as assessor, facilitator and mentor.

20Twenty and Arts Award

20Twenty Productions is proud to be an Arts Award Centre. We have many qualified assessors who deliver all across all five levels of the Arts Award portfolio.

Our team can deliver Arts Awards projects in school and as with our own projects can also support other advisors to deliver – especially very busy teachers!

Please contact Marian if your school or organisation is looking to develop children or young people by offering an arts award qualification to them. We would love to help in any way possible.