Another week has flown by at 20Twenty

Always doing plenty 

busy like bees picking off pollen

When it comes to creativity

nothing is out of our capability 

With Youth Theatre starting again soon and projects flying with positive potential

It is essential that we work as a team 

Ensuring every bit of pollen is accounted for 

Never sleeping on opportunities tails like possums 

We will keep picking the pollen until the creativity flower blossoms 

With Bits & Bytes starting within a week 

It was time to get together and think

A successful meeting went underway 

The team had plenty to say within the day

Before long, we had a structured plan 

which came together as easy as sticky jam

Last but not least the Original Music Project were the bees 

Busy rehearsing for the radio on Monday 

They’ll all be going into Saturday and Sunday with their heads high

Well done guys its fair to say you’ve  all bonded

Monday, tenth, 7pm be on Peterborough’s Most Wanted!




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