After a great bank holiday weekend I was defiantly ready to jump straight back into action. 

Tuesday was a big job. Cleaning out the props cupboard… Although the cupboard is not too big there was a lot of stuff in there as you will tell from the picture in a minute. It was a tiring day but I think it was worth it. We nearly got finished but our next task was to label all the boxes with what’s in them. I would say organising things is actually quite therapeutic!



A new dawn, a new day and more to look forward to. On Wednesday me, Kylan and Gordon were not working as such as we were rehearsing for our connections show in October before our proper show next year as part of the Connections festival. It was a really productive day and we also started planning for the Halloween disco which is going to be a fundraiser for Connections as we need money for set, props, etc. I was happy as I’m doing the disco myself. That’s another thing you now know about me. I do discos! 

Thursday was a 20Twenty team meeting at Wisbech Castle, and what a day it was. We had some really interesting discussions about what 20Twenty is and what we want to do. We also had an amazing lunch and at lunch time we got a tour of the Wisbech Castle volts which was awesome as they still had chairs set up from a séance they had the other month as there is a lot of paranormal activity at the Castle. Thanks to the Castle for a good tour and what a fab day it was!



Wow how time fly’s when your having fun! The last day of yet another fab week here at 20Twenty. I can honestly say I feel privileged to be working here. We had a nice end to another week. In the morning I was making all the newsletters for our Youth Theatres ready for September. Then in the afternoon we went to the cinema again with our Community Ambassadors to watch the new Christopher Robin which was ok. Not my favourite but it was alright. 

The weeks keep seeming to go quicker and quicker. Next week especially will as I have Monday and Tuesday off as I’m going camping. I cannot wait! Well that’s all for this week so have a good weekend and hope you enjoyed reading my blog! 

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