Well I’m back again and this blog should be very interesting… I went to Glastonbury. When I first found out that I was going to Glastonbury I was really excited and could not wait to go. I was really looking forward to seeing all of the different acts and as it is one of the Read More

I’m having a great time!

It has been three and a bit months since I last done a Blog! Wow thats a long time! But do not fear, I’m back and a lot had happened since last time. We have now finished our first term of Bits and Bytes and it was a great success. On Friday 15th March we Read More

Winter Wonderland!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and wow we have a lot to catch up on. With December approaching that means the Winter Wonderland was just around the corner. This year as my project I got given the Winter Wonderland and I could not wait to start decorating the Town Read More

October Half Term!

October half term! Bits and Bytes has been going really well and I’ve been enjoying being at the sessions and helping out. Now it is time for a break from schools as its October Half term, and we were up to some great things the whole week. On Monday and Tuesday we were at Alconbury Read More

Things are going great!

I could not wait to start Bits and Bytes again. The project is going really and I am really enjoying working in schools. We are on week 2 of the project now and we have had 2 really good sessions so far. The children seem to be engaging really well with the project and I’m Read More

A three day week?

Although I had the day off Tuesday I still came in for a meeting from 4 till 5 then 5 till 7. Now that’s what I call commitment! Our meeting was about Arts Award then Arts Ambassadors and Safeguarding.  Wednesday was time to get back to reality. Wednesdays main focus was to go through the Read More

Can this job get any better?!

After a great bank holiday weekend I was defiantly ready to jump straight back into action.  Tuesday was a big job. Cleaning out the props cupboard… Although the cupboard is not too big there was a lot of stuff in there as you will tell from the picture in a minute. It was a tiring Read More

My third week already!

My third week already. I can not. Believe it. I have been having such a great time so far and I’m sure this week wont let me down. On Monday we were learning about a software called Premiere pro. This is a editing software which allows you to make things you have filmed look really Read More