As technology advances, it presents an opportunity to create a society that’s fair for all young people. But only if all young people have access to the same opportunities. We at 20Twenty Productions believe that our bespoke Bits & Bytes project goes some way towards providing such opportunities for primary school children in Fenland and East Cambs.

We believe that every child and young person should be given an equal chance to achieve their own dreams and ambitions. We are also acutely aware that irrespective of each child’s ambition, that being given the opportunity to develop a basic level of “coding skill” helps develop other important skill sets that improve future prospects, indeed “longitudinal studies by Harvard University confirm that learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children” – The Telegraph.

The sense of achievement experienced from solving a problem in code can also lead to increases in self-esteem and aspiration. For many the notion of learning to code can appear to be a daunting and unappealing task. This notion has now been completely negated thanks to a range of hugely entertaining and educational activities that we draw upon within Bits & Bytes.

For further information about the Lego Mindstorms educational resources used within Bits and Bytes please click here. Lego Mindstorms plays a significant part in the eighteen week Bits and Bytes program that we deliver in each primary school.

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