23rd February 2018 

Welcome to my first ever blog! I hope you all enjoy reading what I get up to at 20Twenty.

This past month has been full of many different things, so let’s dive right in!

At the beginning of February we filmed the second theatre makers film for Cavalry Primary school, with year 3’s. Their film was based on the book The Magic Finger by Road Dahl. We had wonderful actors who all did a fantastic job during their first ever film – well done Year 3! We will be premiering both The Magic Finger and Fantastic Mr Fox in 2 weeks at the light cinema, with a red carpet for all our budding actors to walk down. I am sure there will be lots of giggles from the two Year 3 classes – seeing yourself on screen can be a bit embarrassing, but I know they will all be excited.

Half term was a busy one for the youth theatres: All Stars, Boundless, Connections and Limitless rehearsed during the week. I popped in and out of All Stars and Boundless rehearsals – but what I saw was looking really good, I can’t wait to see both those shows come together as we get closer to show. They are performing Pride Rock (All Stars), and High School Musical (Boundless) – no doubt I will end up singing along to both shows when I watch them, especially as High School Musical is one of my favourite films!

Our Connections rehearsal was really productive. We did a full run through and it is starting to look really good. I am so pleased with how much effort the group are putting in – everyone is working so hard to make this the best show possible. We are performing this show in the round, which is new for our group, and is difficult because the actors have to make sure everyone can see you at all times – but the group have take on the challenge and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. One week today until our first show!

Limitless not only had a rehearsal but a show as well! They performed ‘I Got Superpowers for my birthday’ by Katie Douglas, which is a fun show about three 13 year olds who somehow gain superpowers for their birthday. The show went really well. Rehearsals at times had been a struggle for everyone, with people not knowing lines and not remembering blocking; but once we got to our performance space, with the lights and the staging – it all came together and everyone did such a fantastic job. The group made the show really fun and I really enjoyed watching it (whilst doing the tech!).

Sadly that was Limitless’ last show, as we have made the decision to stop the group. Unfortunately we have had low numbers at the Whittlesey group for quite a while – and anyone who has directed or been in shows before knows how difficult it can be to try and put shows on with low numbers; therefore we have stopped the group for the time being. It was a sad day for Glen and I as we have been running this group for six years – with some original members still in it! We have got many happy memories with the group as they have done some brilliant shows – Glen and I wrote one for them, and they also devised a show that got turned into a film! So many happy achievements with this group – well done and so long for now Limitless.

And now to look forward: next week the Connections group are performing ‘When They Go Low’ which is a show about feminism and equality through the eyes of a teenager. This play is something that many of our group can relate to, and we all feel it is an important message to tell. Glen and I are so proud to be part of the National Theatre Connections Festival – and this is our third year! It is wonderful to see our young actors grow into more confident people, exploring important topics and trying new types of theatre. We will then be performing this show at The Garage in Norwich on 24th April (that is always a fun day!).

Good luck Connections – Glen and I know you will be brilliant!

High School Musical is coming up on 24th and 25th March – this is one of my favourite films I love singing and dancing along to it; so I cannot wait to see Boundless perform this.

Thank you all for reading. If you have any questions about Academy groups or shows, please get in touch, my email address is: geri@20twentyproductions.co.uk

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