I think I have finally come to the realisation that I am now a man of work! Well you could say that. Although I was felling a bit tired at the start of the week I was still up bring and early and ready for work. 

On Monday I got the task of sorting through the filing cabinet and making sure all the youth theatre members details were up to date. Yes it wasn’t the best job in the world but someone had to do it, and when I got into it it was not that bad. In the afternoon I got chance to start planning the Winter Wonder land for this year some more. Although it is still some time away I can not wait to put all my good ideas into action and to see if they work out. 

A new day and more to look forward to. Tuesday was a really interesting day. We went through Arts Award stuff what might be involved in our Bits and Bytes project and then we discussed the Arts Award we are doing which is silver. For this you have to pick a skill you would like to work on and as I am interested in photography I picked this. For the second unit we had to pick an event to lead, and as I’m running one of the summer workshops next year I decided to do this. So lots to do and I’m sure it will all be worth it. Plus we have a whole year to complete it so all should be good! Oh yea, and how could I forget that we tried out the new VR set we have got and I have to say it’s pretty dam cool!


Wednesday. I was planning more for the Winter Wonderland some more and one of our current challenges is to make a promotional film for the Skoulding suite which is the main hall in the Town Hall. This involves us filming and editing using the skills we have gained so far. Hopefully by the time it is done it will look really professional and neat. Then at the end of the day we got to watch some people from the original music project preform and I have to say there songs sounded really professional.


Thursday. I had a half day because I needed to go and collect my GCSE results and I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. Then when I eventually got to work I checked my emails, planed some more Winter Wonder land stuff and then got to watch a film with the community ambassadors.

Wow what a week so far. One day left which was again AMAZING! Me, Gordon and Kylan all went to help Ric (who is a local artist based in Chatteris) to run a digital arts session on iPads in Cambridge. I think most of the children taking part were actually better than me and some of the work was rather impressive. I’ll probably through a photo of something I drew I should think. Then we got back to the town hall and me and Eden went out to March to put posters out of the Best of British music fundraiser on 14th September, and then done some office work and that’s was that. What a nice end to my week. 

Now I’m going to have a nice relaxing weekend, actually an extra long one as it’s bank holiday Monday! Have a good bank holiday folks and I hope you look forward to my next blog. Bye for now!

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