It has been three and a bit months since I last done a Blog! Wow thats a long time! But do not fear, I’m back and a lot had happened since last time.

We have now finished our first term of Bits and Bytes and it was a great success. On Friday 15th March we had our Robot Wars competition for the winners of Bits and Bytes from all of the schools. It was an amazing day and defiantly one of the coolest things I have been involved with since starting my apprenticeship. The five different classes from four school which were: Kinderly,  Murrow, Leverington and Nene and Ramnoth school, competed to win the final prize of going to Harry Potter studios. How awesome is that? The schools had to complete a series of different challenges using Lego Mindstorms, which they used throughout Bits and Bytes. The challenges were hard but everyone managed to do a brilliant job. In the end there can only be one winner … so congratulations to Kinderley school for winning and we will see you at Harry Potter Studios. 

As I am a member of our 20Twenty Connections group we recently performed our show at the start of March. The show was about a student council what does not really work well. The main outcomes we wanted the audience to take away from the play was that young people can be involved in politics, and that some ways of dealing with politics could be done in a better and more efficient way. The show went really well and we will be performing it again at the Norwich Playhouse on the third of April. As the Connections group is part of the Connections festival we could also be chosen to perform at the National Theatre in London which would be amazing!  


I also had my first trip to the Cambridge Junction for a theatre workshop which was awesome. We had a choice of doing three different workshops which were: sound tech, devising a script and working from a script. We had to pick two of the workshops, and I picked devising and working from a script. The workshops were really helpful and I learnt a variety of different skills in order to make my devising and directing skills better. After the workshops we watched a “stunt show” which was very cool to watch but also nerve racking. Some of the stunts, for example, leaning backwards on a chair over knifes was very cool, but also terrifying…   

One of the top five coolest things I have been to since joining 20Twenty has to be going to Voice in a Million at Wembley arena. The reason we went is because we were helping a charity called Adoption UK to raise money. We got a lot of donations and thank you to everyone who put some money in one of the Adoption UK buckets. We also got the privilege to watch the event and wow there were some amazing singers. There were thousands of children at the event with their schools and the whole atmosphere of the event was unbelievable. There were also a couple of bands who performed like, Bring it North form Britains Got Talent in 2018 and Road Trip. The whole night was awesome and I am very grateful to of been involved with it. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading another blog form me and seeing what Ive been up to. Hopefully my next blog won’t be another three and a bit months away! Bye!

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