I have now started at 20Twenty production and I feel that since I have started I feel at home and settled in.

On my first day I was primarily going through contracts and seeing what I am facing for the next two and a half years. In the afternoon I went to get some new desks for the office. I then entered my first manual labour task, which was putting up a desk. However I was successful and hopefully Max’s desk is office suitable and I quote max “ it was”.

My second day which was a Tuesday, I went to and arts centre called Wysing. My task was to gather information and photos, to create an advert to persuade people to have more on an interest in visual arts. Later on we visited another arts centre call kettles yard and we did the same, which was a fun and mind turning experience. I have never had a great interest in art and sculptures. However I really enjoyed the day and I have actually risen my boundary in terms of appreciating art and its meaning.


My third day in to my apprenticeship and I haven’t felt any regret yet. I was instructed to go on a mini bus with a group called the community ambassadors. We arrived at one of the most deprived places in the country which is Waterlees in Wisbeach. However when I arrived it looked energetic and lively. There were about 300-400 people there. It was an amazing event and I was happy to supervise the children. The event was called national play day and it really was just a day to play, even for me. So far I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship and I look forward to my next day.


The next day rolled around and I was actually aloud to come into work later. I arrived at work at twelve in the afternoon and I then just got stuck in. I was instructed to play around with Jenga and we were asked to come up with ideas, of how to make it harder to play, when going into primary schools. Then later on we had a meeting which lasted two hours long, but felt like a year. However it was constructive and we got a lot of ideas from everyone.


My last day of the week and we were learning some stuff about social media and other things 20Twenty use. We started off with learning about the website and how to post things on it. We then focused on mail-chimp and got used to that. Last thing we did in the day was watching a performance, by the summer workshop group and they were amazing, I really enjoyed the show. So far my first week has gone really well and I have learnt new things and have had lots of fun.


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