LAMDA with 20Twenty Academy

LAMDA (The London School of Music and Dramatic Arts) is a drama school in London which also offers exams to young people who do not attend classes with them. At 20Twenty we have been running drama classes in preparation for LAMDA exams for two years, and have had a 100% success rate with exams taken by our young people.

LAMDA exams help grow confidence as well as performance technique, and is fantastic for those young people who want to progress their acting education or want to do performing arts as a career.

20Twenty LAMDA sessions are currently having a facelift! More information will be provided soon, but in the meantime you can register your interest with Geri:

Please be aware that with all of these sessions, they will only run if we have adequate class sizes.

What other people say about LAMDA with 20Twenty:

“My child has grown in ways I have never imagined, he has really come out of his shell. My once quiet and shy young boy now has the confidence to be himself. His school work has also seen the benefit with added flair and interest to his stories as he is always the first to volunteer for the dreaded for some drama activities.”

“My daughter started LAMDA as she wanted to gain new skills to help her acting and in the two years she has achieved a merit in both her entry level and grade 1 exam pieces. It has provided her with the confidence to not only perform but to take exams, make new friends and her new skills have been very transferable to her school life.”

If you would like an information booklet, or would like to speak to someone about our fantastic LAMDA classes, please email