After a nice relaxing weekend I was defiantly ready to start work again. Three days of Lego training! I could not wait! Again, I was never too good a Lego as a child but there is always room for improvement.

Monday was learning the ways we could use Lego in schools and this is all linked to our Bits and Bytes project. The main thing we got told was that fun and play are essential in doing the set tasks. Me, Gordon and Kath made the dream team, although no team managed to complete the task as we ran out of time (but still I’d say we were the most successful). 



A new day and another day of Lego! I couldn’t wait! After a few technical hitches we got off to a flying start in the afternoon. We go the task to make a robot for assistance. We decided to do a robot guide dog. Now the idea at first sounded ok, but programming robots to turn left and right when a certain button is pressed is not as easy as it sounds. Despite this we completed the task and had a really cool good working robot guide dog. Me, Kylan and Tim worked really well together. Also, well done to everyone else for making some really awesome designs. 


Halfway through my second week and wow what an absolutely amazing time I’m having. Me and Ben were on a team today and we done great. What can I say. Although our original idea didn’t go to plan and didn’t quite work out, with a few changes we got our design to work. Some bad news though this was our last day of lego :(. I know it’s sad but I’m sure there is much more to look forward to at this fab company. 



Friday, and wow time really does fly when your having fun. I can not believe I’ve already been here for two weeks! In the morning we were mainly just doing work in the office but in the afternoon we went to the cinema with some of our amazing community community ambassadors and volunteers. The reason for this was that if you are a volunteer or generally help out you can apply for these ticket things called time credits and you can spent them at certain places for example, the cinema. 

Another week down and another blog up. Thanks for seeing what I’ve been getting up to. 

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