Discover Arts Award.

Is the introductory award open to children and young people up to the age of 25. To achieve the Discover Award, children and young people will be asked to collect evidence in an individual arts log of experiences of:

  • Participating in arts activities,
  • Researching artists and their work,
  • Sharing their arts discoveries.

Explore Arts Award.

Is an entry Level (3) qualification on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework), offered by organisations such as ourselves, to children and young people up to the age of 25. The young people completing this award will collect evidence in an individual arts log of experiences of:

  • actively participating in a range of arts activities including offering a personal response about what inspired them to take part,
  • a range of arts organisations, artists and their work,
  • creativity and arts skills throughout making art work,
  • what they have enjoyed and/or achieved and their presentation of this to others.

Bronze Arts Award.

Is a level 1 qualification on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) and it is offered to children aged 11-25. We offer this award to children, through projects or their school, once they have collected evidence in an individual arts log of:

  • active participation in any art form,
  • they must attend at least one arts event as an audience member,
  • research the work of an artist/craftsperson that inspires them,
  • pass on an arts skill to somebody else.

Silver Arts Award.

Is considered a level 2 qualification and is offered to those aged 11-25. The Silver award is the second from highest of the Arts Awards offered and those who participated would be offered a national qualification, level 2. The evidence collected in an individual arts log of experience must contain:

  • the young person identifying and planning an arts challenge,
  • implementing and reviewing the arts challenge,
  • reviewing arts events,
  • undertaking arts Research.

Gold Arts Award.

Is a Level 3 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is offered to young people aged between 11 and 25.  This award has 16 points on the UCAS tariff. To achieve a Gold Award, evidence would be collected in an individual arts log of their experiences of:

Personal Arts Development: 

  • extending their own arts practice,
  • identifying development opportunities within the wider arts sector,
  • researching advanced practitioners and reviewing arts events
  • forming and communicating a view on an arts issue.

Leadership of an arts project: 

  • planning a project, identifying the project’s aims and outcomes,
  • organising the people and resources,
  • delivering the project and managing the effectiveness of it,
  • managing a public showing of the work,
  • reviewing their leadership development and finding effective ways of collecting and evaluating feedback from other participants, audience members and other stakeholders.

Gold is the highest level of Arts Award offered and is a great achievement, just as all of the different levels are.

Please contact Marian if your school or organisation is looking to develop children or young people by offering an arts award qualification to them. We would love to help in any way possible.