Katherine Nightingale

Creative Director

Katherine is the founding Director of 20Twenty Productions stretching back to 2011.  Katherine is a passionate theatre director, producer and script writer. Her passion is to work with and help develop children and young people.  Katherine is always looking to develop partnership opportunities with artists and organisations that will help make a positive difference to the young people they meet. She is always looking for innovative ways to make that difference. As our creative director Katherine writes her own blog for reflection so you can see what we do on a personal level. See here.

Contact: katherine@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Tim Nightingale

Digital Director

Tim has many years of experience working in the IT industry. Including a role as a Creative Trainer for Apple Tim has extensive experience as a professional film maker, web developer and iOS app developer. Whilst being a member of our board Tim will be a Psychology graduate at the start of 2019. At that point Tim will continue to develop relevant skills and knowledge for 20Twenty as he begins a Masters degree in this field.

Contact: tim@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Tims Bio

Ben Shepherd

Digital Arts Coordinator

Ben is the Digital Arts Coordinator at 20Twenty Productions. Ben’s primary role is to assist with the delivery and session planning of the digital arts projects that 20Twenty delivers. This includes two significant projects: Bits and Bites and Get Creative on the Ward.

Bits and Bytes is an inspiring project. Ben really enjoys this project as one of the main educational tools we use to help develop school pupils is LEGO Mindstorms, a robotics system that children (and University students) use to design, build and code fully functioning robots. Indeed we all love to see what amazing creations both children and young people produce.

Get Creative on the Ward is a very diverse project! One day we are making music using Logic Pro X whilst the next we could be animating a fuzzy green monster! That’s what Ben enjoys about this project, there are so many different art-forms to work with. Ben truly enjoys seeing the joy on a young persons face when they have created something they feel proud of.

Contact: Ben@20TwentyProductions.co.uk


Tom's Bio

Tom Harlock

Music Development Manager

Tom joined us in April as our Music Development Manager. Although new to his job, Tom has worked with us on and off for the past 10 years! Helping us on projects such as the Original Music project.

Tom is a local musician and has been playing guitar for 20 years. He regularly performs in and around the area with bands such as Whiskey Twist, The 59er’s and The Lenny Stone Band. He is also busy as a guitar teacher, he teaches at Cromwell Commnity College in Chatteris and teaches privately from home and on location.

Tom is also an experienced studio musician and sound engineer, having recorded in studios in and around London and Cambridge. Also, he has provided sound for many events over the years and enjoys the challenge of engineering a live band.

Tom also shares an office with Geri….. Tom and Geri …..haha!

Have a look at any of the bands Facebook pages to see where Tom is performing and search for “Ready Set Rock – Guitar Tuition” for information on lessons.

                     Contact: tom@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Kylan Nightingale

Projects and Events Assistant

Kylan is an Apprentice at 20TwentyProductions whose role is Projects and Events Assistant. Kylan is now responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organisation’s website. Kylan has actually been a committed volunteer at 20Twenty for about the last six years and has enjoyed every last minute of it. This made his transition to full-time Apprentice very simple! Kylan loves acting as well as all of the other front and back stage roles found in theatre.

contact: Kylan@20TwentyProductions.co.uk


Gordon Parsonage

Projects and Events Assistant 

Gordon is an Apprentice at 20TwentyProductions. He too is a Projects and Events Assistant, which consists of supporting the planning and delivery helping of the various creative projects and events. Gordon is also a member of the Bits and Bytes delivery team. He loves producing films – he has a real passion for editing in particular – and hopes to develop these skills in the future. As with all of our staff Gordon is very passionate about the arts and loves what he does!

Contact: Gordon@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Max Louth

Projects and Events Assistant 

Max is the third of three Apprentices to join the team at 20TwentyProductions in the July of 2018. Max is one of our Project and Event Assistants who is working on many projects. Max plays the piano and is a keen performer within our youth theatres. Max is a budding entrepreneur who also runs his own business – “discos2themax”. Max is available for hire for private parties at the weekends.

contact: Max@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Maxs Bio


Eden Arnold

Projects and Events Assistant 

Eden is the fourth apprentice at 20Twenty as well as volunteering with Youth Theatre for the past 4 years. Eden organises the volunteering hours and Time Credits for the youth theatre volunteers and also helps to deliver the Community Ambassadors Project alongside Katherine. She loves acting, dance and event management and has enjoyed every moment spent with 20Twenty Productions.

Contact: eden@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Our Board Members

Marians Bio

Marian Savill

Artistic Director

Marian was one of the founding members of 20Twenty Productions.  Marian runs the Arts Award arm of the organisation and is passionate about delivering arts awards to the children and young people that we work with.  As a mixed media artist Marian also gets involved with our ‘Discover Days’ as ‘an artist’ as well as many other of our creative projects.


Debbie King


Debbie has worked with young people her entire career, supporting young people across Fenland for some 18 years now. Debbie has and still continues to meet many amazing young people that inspire her with their positive attitude to life. Debbie loves new challenges and is excited to work with 20Twenty as she values the many positive effects that our projects have upon young people – empowering them to take ownership and pride in their community through positive arts and culture activities that build essential skills for life.