Katherine Nightingale

Creative Director

Katherine was one of the founders of 20Twenty Productions back in 2011.  Katherine is  a theatre maker, script writer and director who is passionate about working with and developing children and young people.  Katherine is also passionate about working in partnership with artists and organisations who will make a positive difference to the young people they meet, and is always looking for new creative ways to make that difference. As our fabulous creative director Katherine has begun a new blog for reflection, so you can see what we do on a personal level. See here.

Contact: katherine@20twentyproductions.co.uk


Tim Nightingale

Digital Director

Tim has many years working in the IT industry including working for Apple.  Tim is a professional film maker, app designer and photographer.  As well as being a member of our board Tim delivers ‘Get Creative on the ward’ for 20Twenty at Addenbrooks Hospital which brings much needed digital distractions to very poorly children and young people.

Contact: tim@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Geri Crooke

Academy Manager

Geri has a degree in performing arts and manages all the youth theatres in the 20Twenty Academy and our youth volunteering program.  Geri is a theatre maker and a director for our Connections Festival youth theatre group.  Geri delivers our LAMDA courses and to date has a 100% record of merits or distinctions.

Contact: geri@20twentyproductions.co.uk


Jess Davis

Academy Assistant

Jess is an apprentice here at 20Twenty, who enjoys trying new things and is always happy to go the extra mile. Jess is an accomplished solo artist as well as the lead vocalist in her band ‘Resonate’, who gigs mainly around Peterborough. Jess is also a dancer and has many dance qualifications especially in ballroom and latin dance. She has been dancing for 11 years and taught dance for about 3 years as a dance assistant. Along with Katherine, Jess is also trying her hand at reflective blogging. You can see here.

 Contact: jess@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Holly Orridge

Project and Events Assistant

Holly is our apprentice and new addition to the 20Twenty team who is very passionate about the arts and is an artist in her own right. Holly is an accomplished solo musician, who enjoys writing her personal blog and being a volunteer writer for magazines. She hopes to enhance her creative writing and social media skills through her creative journey here at 20Twenty.

 Contact: holly@20twentyproductions.co.uk


Our Board Members


Marian Savill

Artistic Director

Marian was one of the founding members of 20Twenty Productions.  Marian runs the Arts Award arm of the organisation and is passionate about delivering arts awards to the children and young people that we work with.  As a mixed media artist Marian also gets involved with our ‘Discover Days’ as ‘an artist’ as well as many other of our creative projects.


Debbie King


Debbie has worked with young people for the whole of her working career and has supported young people across Fenland for the past 18 years. She has et lots of amazing young people who have inspired her with their positive attitude to life. Debbie loves new challenges and is excited to work with 20Twenty as she has seen the positive effect our projects have on young people, empowering them to take ownership and pride in their community access to positive activities giving them skills through arts and creative ways to achieve in life.


Gary Tustin


Gary is an entertainer through and through.  With a performing arts background and many years in the holiday entertainment business Gary now runs Bamboogie Family Entertainers with his wife Sarah (who is also one of our much loved volunteers).  Gary is a valued member of our board and supports many of our creative projects.