Hello everyone!

I thought I would start with a little update on the Connections group. They have been working hard fundraising for their Connections journey, and I am pleased they are taking the reigns on this. Our first event was a 3 hour Zumba dance-a-thon, which was loads of fun – and the leisure centre are keen for us to do it again next year (So watch this space for more information about that!)!

The group also organised and ran a quiz night, which took place last Friday. It was so much fun, we hope everyone who came along enjoyed themselves too. One of the group made some beautiful cakes, and we had some lovely donations to our raffle as well. Thank you to all who took part and helped out – and well done to the Connections group for running such a fun night.

The next fundraising event is a bag pack at Iceland in February. We are looking forward to it!

We have also been fortunate enough to be donated some money by the Masons St Andrew Lodge, Whittlesey, which will help towards the entrance fee, travel costs, and set pieces. We are so very very grateful to the Masons for their support this year.

(as you can tell, I was quite surprised at the presentation of our cheque!)


The cast now have their parts for the show, and we are currently getting stuck into blocking it, it is really enjoyable, as always.

I will let you know how things are going with Connections in my next blog. Now onto another project I was a part of recently….

In November I ran a theatre makers project in Leverington, alongside Marian, Katherine and Jamie (who is doing a Silver Arts Award); in conjunction with Wysing Arts Centre. This Theatre Makers project was based on the UN sustainable goal ‘Life under Water’ and about how much plastic is damaging our sea and our world. The year 5 pupils got to make some amazing pieces of costume with artist Jack Cornell, using recycled materials, bright colour paints and even some lights!



They also created their own poems using spoken word exercises with Katherine. Jamie and I were responsible for the ‘acting’ part of it, which for this we did something a bit different than we normally do. This time the class learn about tableaux (freeze frames) and different movement states. Everyone was given a character/animal each; the groups then had to create 3 tableaux and 3 movement sequences to represent either a sea create living in a nice clean sea, or a sea creature trapped in a polluted sea. The children were very creative and came up with a range of different movements and tableaux. Movement states included things such as: darting, slow, and suspense and fall – all of which the children decided meant something to their character (for example darting to the class meant worried or shocked). The whole performance included the group performing their character sequences, wearing their costumes and also performing their poems. Katherine, Gordon and Kylan helped Jamie and I put up the set pieces we had made (including a representation of plastic island, and facts on plastic bottles to go on audience seats!); which looked awesome by the time they were done with it!



The class did a wonderful job at their final performance, and we are very proud of them all for working hard.

The class took part in 3 different arts activities, as well as visiting an arts organisation (we had a brilliant trip to Wysing!), and therefore are able to do an arts award with us. They are all about to finish off their Arts Award Explore with Marian, and have been busy filling up their books with all their amazing art work, thoughts and feelings on the project.

Jamie’s role in this project will also help him as part of his Silver Arts Award, as he helped direct and put together the whole show – well done Jamie, we are also proud of the hard work you put in.

With only a few days until I am off on my Christmas holiday, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope you relax and spend time with the people you care about – thats my favourite way to spend Christmas. See you all in January.



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