October half term! Bits and Bytes has been going really well and I’ve been enjoying being at the sessions and helping out. Now it is time for a break from schools as its October Half term, and we were up to some great things the whole week.

On Monday and Tuesday we were at Alconbury Weald which is a  decommissioned air base which was used predominately in the Cold War. There is some really cool history about the air base and we also got to go in a bunker that is not normally open to the public. We were at Alconbury because me and a few other people are doing our Silver Arts Award and it’s a pretty dam cool project!



Thursday me, Kath, Kylan and Gordon all went to Norwich for the New Horizons Conference. The conference was about trying to get young people more involved with the arts and get more of a say with what goes on. Youth Voice was also mentioned a lot which is key as Young People should have a say in what they can do and with what goes on in there local community and get chance to express how they feel. The discussions were really interesting and made me think whether my opinions are taken seriously by the older generations. 

The last day of half term and wow what a great week! We had our Connections Halloween disco and it went really well. I did the disco and I think everyone enjoyed it. It was an awesome night and everyone involved was super!

Sunday, the Original Music Project had there EP launch and it was good. I was very impressed with the songs that they wrote and to launch an it is just amazing! Their songs were uploaded to many different digital channels and they are just great!



Hope you enjoyed another Blog from me! Adios! 


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