20Twenty Productions CIC

Is a not-for-profit organisation that uses creativity and participation to engage and empower children and young people so they may build confidence, essential skills for life and one or more creative skill sets. Working strategically, collaboratively and directly as creative practitioners we inspire young people to realise their potential whilst growing as leaders.

Our programs, projects and events are designed with and for young people. 20Twenty Productions supports creative industry development; empowering young people to gain qualifications and access real world opportunities.


All young people, regardless of age, experience, culture, gender, disability or circumstance, will have the opportunity to (1) develop creative skills and (2) participate in cultural activities. These young people will be supported and encouraged to use their individual and collective voices to influence positive social change.

As an organisation we believe in an education system that takes STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to produce STEAM (by adding the power of the Arts). We see all forms of art as a necessary activity that stimulate academic achievement and positive mental health.


Inclusivity: 20Twenty Productions respects and values diversity, delivering projects and activities that include all. 20Twenty Productions recognises the needs of the many young people that span contrasting cultures and communities. 20Twenty Productions brings young people and partners together to learn from each other’s skills and experiences.

Participation: young people are always at the heart of our values. They lead and shape our work through inclusive governance structures. 20Twenty Productions will continue to enable young people to define their own action for change so they may experience the value of engaged citizenship.

Collaboration: 20Twenty Productions collaborates to help make positive change happen. We seek to work with relevant partners that add value to our programs and events. We recognise the skills, knowledge and experience of young people, volunteers, staff and partners, and strive to achieve more by maximising the opportunities that collaboration provides.

We are proud to work in partnership with:

  • Norfolk and Norwich Bridge
  • Cambridgeshire Music Hub
  • Young Fenland Cultural Consortium
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Market Place
  • Trinity Arts Award
  • Music Arts Project

We couldn’t do it without our funders:

  • Clarions Housing
  • Reaching Communities
  • Heritage Lottery
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • The Garage

Below is a beautiful testimonial that we received from Cavalry Primary School, March, who we enjoy working with so very much! Thank you Cavalry for your kind words, we look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

‘Working with 20Twenty is like taking a deep breath and stepping out onto a stage in the West End on opening night!  It is exciting and exhilarating and the whole team makes even the impossible seem achievable.   Support is always available for staff (and children) from the very early planning stages right through to the end performance.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and at the heart of every project remains the children.  20Twenty allows young people to ‘dream big’, believe in themselves and equips them with vital skills needed to succeed in life.  The development of The Arts in Fenland is in safe, professional hands with this inspirational team!’