Just before we say a final goodbye to 2017, we’d like to celebrate the 50 young people who took part in one of last years very successful film projects. These fantastic young people took their time to learn about the imprisonment and hard punishment that Victorian children endured as a result of committing crimes.

As part of our Theatre Maker’s project, we joined Wisbech and Fenland Museum and Clarion Housing in order to deliver a six to ten week program for KS2 children. We gathered Peckover’s Year 4 students to learn more about children in the Victorian times who had been sent to Wisbech Gaol in 1870. They met exhibition curator and arts officer Aldo Lerubino. He told them why the Victorian children were imprisoned and their punishments. Not only did they learn all about the process, they also got to witness and experience remakes of the events. After this, the children got the chance to write their own scripts and create the film  “Victorian Crimes”.

All of the children really enjoyed themselves and got to attend the premier with their parents, carers and teachers including Miss Gladwin and Miss Jimson. The glamorous event took place on the 13th December 2017 at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. The students involved even had the chance to walk down the red carpet- like the stars they all are!


Year 4 Student Felicity said: “I think the whole experience was amazing.”


We’d just like to thank all of the pupils and teachers at Peckover Primary School  and a special thank you to Wisbech and Fenland Museum and Clarion Housing.


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