Tim Nightingale – Digital Director

Tim Nightingale


I have worked in a ‘technical’ role all of my life. For the first twenty years I was employed as an IT Manager/Application Developer before moving into digital media. This saw two years working for Apple as a software trainer including teaching app development. I have also enjoyed working professionally as a photographer, film-maker and app developer. I’m now in year four of six as I look to complete a Psychology degree. I hope the graduation party will be mid 2018.

Favourite quote

“Can Manchester United score, they always score”

All Manchester United fans will appreciate the gravity of this quote. No it isn’t JFK, Martin Luther King or man stepping on the moon, which whilst all inspirational, I instead decided to pick something that I experienced when it was said. The words still make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I hear it. One of the most amazing nights of my life which I shared with many friends. The Champions League Final, Barcelona, Wed 26th May 1999.

Favourite film


It was nearly Shawshank Redemption, but Alien tips the scales. The genius of Ridley Scott created a film that was light-years ahead of its time and kick-started the career of Sigourney Weaver!

Favourite song

Fix You, Coldplay.

More goose bumps. In my humble opinion the best track by the best band of recent times.

Favourite show/project

Home from home

Whilst 20Twenty Productions is built on the success of its youth theatre, my personal favourite project will always be “Home from home”. This was a fabulous project and experience that culminated in an amazing evening. Our Chatteris youth theatre devised and starred in our first half-length feature film, which was funded with thanks by National Heritage Lottery. If you would like a deeper understanding of what it was like to be a young evacuee during World War 2 then watch on. A great job by all the young people that featured.