This week myself and the three apprentices have more time to get our heads around more software that 20Twenty use regularly. This time it was Adobe Premiere Pro training, which consists of video editing. This especially takes to my interests as I have always enjoyed video editing and couldn’t wait to become more experienced in the subject. The duration of this training was three days, each day got more technical and interesting and we all came out the other end with a really professional looking film. I guess we all have our very patient trainer for this… so thank you Tim Nightingale. However these three days didn’t consist of just Premiere Pro training, we also got an insight of how to use photoshop more productively. All in all, the start to this week has been very exciting for us apprentices and we cannot wait to learn more and start using our skills in work! Head to the bottom of the post to see some photos of what we got up to whilst using the software! 

After the completion of the three day course on software, Myself and the three apprentices got to try our newly acquired skills out on our own. Shortly after we were accompanied by a very talented and professional illustrator. This is because myself and the apprentices are Lucky enough to work on a project with Ric all to do with digital illustration. This is extremely exciting for all of us due to it being something different. We all had a chat about how we will deliver our digital illustration sessions and came up with many different ideas. By the end of the meeting we had a structured plan and cannot wait to deliver these sessions in the near future. We make an excellent team! Shortly after the success of our meeting, Tim took us to give us a Brief overview of how the cameras work at 20Twenty. This was extremely useful as throughout our apprenticeships we will be using camera equipment quite a lot and Tim has already set us our first challenge. 

The final day of the week has arrived at 20Twenty yet again and its fair we are all ready for the weekend. However before the weekend starts we had a lovely performance to watch. The second summer workshop of this year has arrived and they all worked incredibly hard all week. This showed in the incredible performance they put on. Well done guys! So the weekend had now arrived, time to rest and get ready for another exciting and productive week here at 20Twenty. 04B23E36-1082-45D0-AA8B-CE6AEB2F705119E47E4A-B12C-4A17-9633-D27C83721EFD

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