So this week was mine and two other apprentices first week with 20Twenty Productions, and we are all delighted to say it has been a great success! We have been very busy and each day was a great experience. On the first day we were introduced to the lovely team. Followed by going through our contracts and what we were letting ourselves in for the next 2 and a bit years. Thankfully it was really intriguing and I’m sure we are all going to love our time here with 20Twenty. After our first day came to a close, the next was even more exciting as all three apprentices got to enjoy a intriguing day at Wysing Arts Centre, followed by an interesting look at Kettles Yard with Katherine and Marian. This was focussed on visual arts and after talking to the other apprentices, its fair to say we all changed our views on the visual arts by the end of the day. Here are some photos of some of the incredible art we saw:


Wednesday consisted of the same engagement and fun as it was national play day. This meant that our Community Ambassadors got to set up and run their own stalls. We had Colouring, Stress ball making and the face painting was particularly popular. It was also a great experience for myself and the two other apprentices to get to know the community ambassadors better and help with their generous work. I can confidently say that national play day was a success for 20Twenty and the community ambassadors as you can see below.

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On the penultimate day of our first week, myself and the two other apprentices looked through what was required from us in order to complete our apprenticeships. This was very useful and we also got to choose what we wanted to complete in the optional sections. This was nice as it allows us to choose what we want to do as all three of us are interested in different aspects. It also allows us to take control of what we will specifically do to achieve our apprenticeships over the next two years. After we finished looking at our apprenticeships all three of us got up and decided to get hands on and creative with JENGA! Yes we played jenga. Don’t worry we did have a very valid reason of course. We did this due to the bits and bytes project 20Twenty are starting this year. The bits and bytes project tends to be very hands on and focuses on important life skills. So we were given the task to incorporate these skills into a hands on, fun game of jenga. We experimented with different handicaps, for example: only use one hand etc. We also put a time limit on how long you are allowed to remove each block. This focuses on their time management skills. We will continue to experiment with this and come up with lots of effective and fun ways to gain fundamental life skills. After jenga sadly came to a close myself and the two other apprentices had a meeting to a attend. A two hour meeting! However the meeting was really successful and interesting. The meeting was about our Theatre In Education (TIE) project that 20Twenty are excited to be doing with Cromwell Community College. The meeting consisted of us planning our TIE sessions and how we will deliver them. Just from this meeting its fair to say I a super excited about being apart of TIE and will look forward to delivering the sessions with 20Twenty, It’s going to be interesting, educational and GREAT FUN!


The end of a very successful week has arrived! Friday consisted of myself and the apprentices taking a look at the services 20Twenty use to make their lives A LOT  easier. This was very interesting as its software all of us will be using on a day to day basis. Geri kindly helped us with this and we shortly got the hang of things. To finish the week on an even higher note 20Twenty threw a little surprise party for one of our longest members of the Youth Theatre, Ryan Price. It was really nice to see some old faces and say farewell to such a dedicated and lovely member of our youth theatre. This was the end of a very successful first week with 20Twenty and am only looking forward to what’s to come in the future! 

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