Theatre Makers is a 6 – 10 week program for KS2.  We work with up to 60 children (at least 2 hours per week per class of 30), to produce a piece of theatre or a short film devised with the help of the children linking into their current curriculum.

Our past project themes have included: Fantastic Mr Fox, History through the ages, and researching the young convicts held in Wisbech Gaols over 100 years ago… watch this space to see what we get up to next!

Examples of previous work:


Peckover Primary School

Year 3 children had ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as a curriculum theme, we worked with the children to produce chocolate adverts based on their own chocolate bar creations.  They created the scripts and chocolate bars themselves  and we then filmed each advert.

Year 4 children went to view an exhibition at Wisbech Library about child convicts in the 1900s. They researched the convict and then created a film about them and what their crimes crimes and punishments would compare to the modern day.

Year 5 children had a ‘Bear Grylls’ theme, we took them to the Secret Garden in Wisbech St Mary where they spent an amazing day with Fenland Bushcraft which we filmed.

Each of these films have been shown at the Light cinema in Wisbech where the children got a massive round of applause whilst entering via a red carpet – a special and memorable event for each of them.

Peckover Film Premier

Cavalry Primary School

We focused on the history curriculum with year 4 children, working our way from the Celts to the Saxons.  The children produced a piece of theatre that included poetry, song and they created ‘Did You Know’ reporters.  They performed this at Stonea Roman Camp nr. Manea to an audience.


Most recently we worked with Cavalry Primary School’s year 3’s and 4’s to film the Roald Dahl classics: ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and‘The Magic Finger’. Throughout the 6 weeks, both classes learnt their scripts and worked on their characters, before performing them in front of the camera. So much fun was had throughout the whole time and everybody’s confidence grew so much in such a short space of time. After some editing and production from our crew, the children, and their parents, attended a red carpet premiere of the films at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. They were all also presented with a ‘Discover’ Arts Award at the premiere. I think we can all agree in saying that the actors did brilliantly and we can’t praise them enough!