I could not wait to start Bits and Bytes again. The project is going really and I am really enjoying working in schools. We are on week 2 of the project now and we have had 2 really good sessions so far. The children seem to be engaging really well with the project and I’m certainly having a good time helping out with it.  

Wednesday we had the task of redoing one of the notice boards in the Skoulding Suite. It looks really good and I found out that crafts may not be my strongest point, but we done a good job! 

A new day and in the afternoon me, Kylan, Gordon and Katherine went to a Wisbech reads meeting. Wisbech reads is a project to try and encourage parents and children to read. I had some really interesting discussions with a head teacher to someone who works for the council. I’m really glad I ended up going and can’t wait to see what else I can get involved with!



Friday was mine, Gordon and Kylan’s fourth digital training day. I learnt some valid life skills and found it very interesting. I really want to enhance my photography skills.



Thanks for reading my bog! 

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