My third week already. I can not. Believe it. I have been having such a great time so far and I’m sure this week wont let me down.

On Monday we were learning about a software called Premiere pro. This is a editing software which allows you to make things you have filmed look really cool and a bit fancy. It gives filming you may of done have a more professional look. At first I though I would be completely useless and have no hope but I tried my best and actually turned out to be pretty good at it. The film we were editing was for the Wisbech Reads festival which is to encourage people in Wisbech to read more as the average reading age is that area is quite low. This time nine local primary schools were invited along to come and join in with multiple activities and looked like they had a really good time. I could not wait to continue editing my film! 

Another day and more to look forward to. I could not wait to continue editing my film. The main focus was the audio of our film. I got the hang of it but it seemed to take me a long time compared to the others. There just clearly professionals. Wow this week is already going fast! 

Half way there. Wednesdays main focus was photoshop. It was actually really interesting. We were learning about how to edit the colour of our picture and I actually managed to get the hang of it a lot easier. I really enjoyed the training over these three days and could not wait to see what’s up next.



A new day and a new mission. An artist came in today and ran a practise art session on IPads using an app called Imagink. It is a really cool piece of software and I got really into it and didn’t want to stop drawing, and its free and available for everyone! They reason we did this is because next Friday and Saturday Me, Kylan and Gordon, along with the artist will be running an art corse for twelve to eighteen year olds. I am really looking forward to it and am glad to be involved!

The last day of the week 🙁 I could not wait to start working on my project this year which is the 20Twenty annual Winter Wonderland. I am so happy Kath asked me to organise this years Winter Wonderland and I cannot wait! I have already started making plans and coming with with ideas! Wow I’m organised. To conclude another awesome week we got to watch the second summer workshop which was a circus theme. It was a really good show. Well done to all the cast and crew involved. 



And that’s that. Thanks for ready my third blog already, and you’ll be hearing from me again very soon! 

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