Although I had the day off Tuesday I still came in for a meeting from 4 till 5 then 5 till 7. Now that’s what I call commitment! Our meeting was about Arts Award then Arts Ambassadors and Safeguarding. 

Wednesday was time to get back to reality. Wednesdays main focus was to go through the Bits and Bytes project and understand 100% what we were doing. I really can’t wait to start this project next week and I very much look forward to working in primary schools. 

Another day in the 20Twenty office. Today we done a little bit more Bits and Bytes planning and then done some more general office work!

Friday. My main focus on Friday was sorting out all the Youth Theatre facebook pages and then I rewrote the Winter Wonderland script. Also me and Ben sorted out some Bits and Bytes equipment and also had some fun with the flags!


Sorry it’s been a sort Blog but I’ve only had a three day week! Don’t worry you’ll get a proper Blog next week and there is plenty to look forward to. Catch you next week!  

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