Well it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and wow we have a lot to catch up on. With December approaching that means the Winter Wonderland was just around the corner. This year as my project I got given the Winter Wonderland and I could not wait to start decorating the Town Hall and getting in the festive mood. 

In preparation for the Wonderland we had to do a lot of cutting and painting and it was pleasing to see everything coming together and looking good. I did not think I was that good at crafting things but to be honest, I think I impressed myself. 

We also had to sort out what volunteers we wanted and I was very impressed by the amount of Community Ambassadors that wanted to face paint. For that reason we decided to have a face painting workshop and all of the Ambassadors did a get job. 

Something that I really wanted to do this year was to have a mini show at the Wonderland. So I had a go for the first time at writing a short show that lasted about 10 – 15 minutes. I think I have done a good job and all the cast were just fab and got stuck in when we rehearsed. Thanks to everyone involved with the mini shows for being awesome.

My final day of preparation before set up involved me making a demo star for the crafts (which I did not finish fully by the way) and just generally wrapping things up ready for a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday, and the setup begins. Everyone was really looking forward to making the Town Hall look Christmassy and what a great job they did. At the end of the day the the Town Hall looked great and Santa’s Workshop came to life!

Then came the day of the Winter Wonderland. We welcomed roughly 450 people in to make crafts, have a hot drink, or to watch our mini shows. This is the highest amount of people to come to the Winter Wonderland so far. I am really happy with how the day turned out and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. The volunteers were amazing and I had a blast! I cannot wait to see what my next project is and look forward to seeing what I’m up to next.

Thanks again for reading by blog, and if you did come to the Winter Wonderland I hope you had a good time. Bye! 


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