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About Us

20Twenty Productions CIC was created on 25th October 2011. We are a not-for-profit organisation that uses creativity and participation to engage and empower children and young people so they may build confidence, essential skills for life and one or more creative skill sets. Working strategically, collaboratively and directly as creative practitioners we inspire young people to realise their potential whilst growing as leaders. Our programmes, projects and events are designed with and for young people. 20Twenty Productions supports creative industry development; empowering young people to gain qualifications and access real world opportunities. If you would like to know more about the work we do please email us.

CEO & Creative Director

Katherine is the founding Director of 20Twenty Productions with her directorship stretching back to 2011. Katherine loves to support our child and youth theatres as a director, producer and script writer. This resonates with her passion of working with and supporting children and young people. Her continuous efforts were recognised when she was nominated to attend the Queen's Summer Garden Party. Katherine is always looking to develop partnership opportunities with artists and organisations that will help make a positive difference to the children and young people they meet. It is Katherine's drive that has seen the launch of the CAP, YAB, wider music provision, school programs and so much more. She is always looking for innovative ways to make that difference, no more so than now as we as an organisation look to adapt to the current challenges in society today made necessary by the Coronavirus.

Digital Director

Tim has many years experience of working in the IT industry. This includes being an IT Manager for 15 years within a global pharmaceutical company, a Creative Trainer for Apple, a web developer and app developer. Tim also found time to be a professional photographer and film-maker at the weekends! Tim now uses all of his digital experience to develop a range of creative projects for 20Twenty Productions. This includes our soon to be launched creative learning platform - Neurons. Tim has a BSc (First) in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Consumer Psychology. 

Artistic Director

Marian was one of the founding Directors of 20Twenty Productions. Marian runs the hugely successful Arts Award element of our organisation and is passionate about delivering Arts Awards to the children and young people we work with. As a mixed media artist, Marian also gets involved with the delivery of our Discover Days as an artist as well as many of our other creative projects. In her freelance work, Marian's current practice is focused on collage and art journaling. She strongly believes creative expression is a vital tool for health and wellbeing, that everyone should have access to the arts and the importance of the role the arts can play in the community. Marian has a strong, ethical stance and is always looking for ways to improve the carbon footprint of 20Twenty Productions! We have no doubt that the themes of positive environmental behaviour and creative expression will be found in the activities that Marian shares within Neurons.


Stuart qualified as a primary teacher in 1995 and holds a Bachelor of Education. During his school career, he led on music and ICT and developed a bespoke scheme of work for ICT that supported the wider curriculum through innovative, project-based learning. From 2002 to 2011, he was an Advisory Teacher for ICT in the London Borough of Greenwich, and Manager of the borough’s City Learning Centre scheme. In 2011, he established an educational technology consultancy with a partner (IE Solutions Ltd) which supports schools in the UK and abroad in the development and implementation of Computing curricula. In his role as Director, he has presented at global events including BETT (UK) and GESS (Dubai). He has developed curriculum content for SAM Labs, KUBO, pi-top and LEGO Education. Stuart is a Lego Education Academy Certified Trainer and regularly delivers training to teachers in both primary and secondary schools and to a diverse range of organisations. He travels globally on behalf of LEGO Education, and has delivered keynotes, training and workshops in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He is a former Vice Chair of NAPE (National Association for Primary Education).


Music Development Manager

 Tom has worked with 20Twenty on and off since 2011, helping us deliver projects such as the Original Music project.      Tom is a well-  known local musician who has been playing guitar for 20 years and regularly performs in and around the    area with bands such as  Whiskey Twist, The 59er’s and The Lenny Stone Band. Tom is also an experienced studio  musician and sound engineer, having recorded  in studios in and around London and Cambridge. Tom has also provided  sound for many events over the years and enjoys the challenge  of engineering a live band. Tom's main focus is the Youth  Music funded project, Musical Futures. This is a 3 year project and involves  him working closely with the Music  Ambassadors and running various workshops within schools such as Rock Band. He also runs lots of  songwriting  workshops throughout the year; Young people learn the craft of song writing and these songs are then recorded in our  studio and released on our own label. 

Junior Content Producer

Gordon joined the team in July 2018 as a Projects & Events Assistant doing a level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship. However, Gordon had been part of our youth theatres 2 years prior. Gordon, having completed his BA lvl. 2 apprenticeship has now moved on to a lvl. 3 in Content Production and is now our Junior Content Producer. He is always making films and creating creative session plans for the workshops he delivers in schools and online. Gordon also get's involved with many other projects at 20Twenty some of which include our Bits & Bytes Program, Express Yourself Project and Neurons. 

Youth Participation and Creative Learning Coordinator

Max joined the team in July 2018 as a Project and Events Assistant, but has been part of 20Twenty's youth theatres for the past nine years. He is now our Youth Participation and Creative Learning Coordinator and is involved with many projects that 20Twenty are involved with. In the past, Max was heavily involved with our Bits and Bytes programme and was responsible for session planning activities and co-managing the project. Max now coordinates our Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Youth Advisory Boards, runs a board of creatives from across East Anglia called the Board of Young Creatives (BYC), is a Clarion Social Action Youth Connector and is currently taking part in a Youth Exchange Programme around social action. He also gets involved with many other projects that 20Twenty are involved with like our Express Yourself project and Neurons. 

Social Action and Volunteering Coordinator

Eden is a level 4 apprentice at 20Twenty. Eden volunteered with our Youth Theatre programme, beginning in 2015. Eden now organises the volunteering hours and Time Credits for our Youth Theatre volunteers while also running our Community Ambassador Programme (CAP). The CAP provides valuable opportunities for young people to take part in social action and volunteer in their community. Eden loves acting, dance and event management and, like everybody, has enjoyed every moment spent with 20Twenty Productions. Eden will be continuing to work with the CAP to have more opportunities as well as developing programmes around mental health and wellbeing, which is a big passion of hers.

Creative Learning Participation Officer

Harrison joined our team in March of 2021 after working part time for us designing overarching History Projects for the last few months of 2020 which are currently being used in local primary schools. Having completed a History degree in 2020, he is now our project leader for 'eco warriors' which utilises Apple technology to teach young children about the environmental issues their generation will be facing in the future. Harrison is also helping to lead our new 'Changemakers' programme which will see young volunteers recruited to work in local museums to give them a new breath of life for the younger generation. He is also leading the environmental side of our Neurons site and has created several individual activities for young people to create more awareness for our environment whilst keeping them fun and engaging.

Creative Futures Development Officer

Abby joined the team at the end of 2020 as the Creative Futures Development Officer after graduating with a Film and Media degree several months earlier. As a passionate lover of the arts and culture industry Abby has worked extensively with organisations since moving to the city of Cambridge. Some of these roles include the Marketing and Operations Assistant at Cambridge Film Festival and the Kids Club Events Coordinator at the Arts Picturehouse. She also traveled and worked in America to teach film and photography to young people aged 5-17 in the summer of 2018. Abby is determined to take her previous experience and create a fantastic program to raise aspirations and engagement with careers in the creative industry.

Web Developer

Jamie has been volunteering with the 20Twenty Youth Theatre programme since 2015, and has since been responsible for directing two of our Summer Workshops and continues to help direct and plot sound and lights for youth theatre shows. In 2019 he joined the Bits and Bytes delivery team, and in that time has delivered activities at Wisbech Reads, assisted at our Theatre in Education days and co-managed our 'March Hero' project which was delivered to 120 primary school students. As he studies for his BSc (Hons) degree in Computing and Information Systems at Anglia Ruskin University, he has been responsible for developing our Youth Engagement Partnership website and maintaining our main website.

"Without our funders, 20Twenty Productions would not exist. In a world where all children and young people were treated with respect, equality, and afforded creative and artistic opportunities to express themselves, we would not need to."

Katherine Nightingale, CEO

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