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Discover Arts Award Hub

20Twenty are a Champion Centre for Trinity College London. Our founding Directors were trained Arts Award Advisors before creating 20Twenty and we have been huge advocates for Arts Award ever since, aiming to embed an Arts Award in all our projects where we can. We are therefore delighted to become a hub for Discover Arts Award from Home.


Arts Award Discover is an introductory award, designed for ages 5+ but open to anyone up to the aged of 25. To achieve an Arts Award Discover, children and young people collect evidence in a individual arts log of their experiences of:

  • taking part in activities
  • researching artists or craftspeople and their work
  • sharing their arts discoveries

Arts Award has a flexible framework which means you can tailor it to a wide range or arts, cultural and heritage activities and you can record your evidence in a variety of ways.


Created in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Trinity College London, in association with Arts Council England, have launched Discover at Home which is an accessible and adaptable version of Arts Award Discover, supporting families to learn about the arts and be creative at home. It’s is aimed at children aged 11 and under and you can even get a certificate!

Discover at Home is a set of free resources which include templates, suggestions of creative activities and easy to follow guidance for parents & carers to support their young people. It’s a great option for parents & carers who may not be arts specialists themselves or are looking for something different to keep children engaged and entertained.


Interested Individuals

If you’re a young person or parent of someone who would like to take part in Discover at Home, 20Twenty Productions have been engaged as the Open Centre over the summer. We will be able to advise and moderate the award for any young person looking to get involved. We will also be covering the costs of a limited number of awards on a first come first served basis.

Downloadable Resources

If you’re an organisation, practitioner or Arts Award Adviser who knows any parents or young people who might be interested in Discover at Home, please tell them about this opportunity. If they have any questions, they can email


Once your child has completed their Discover Arts Award please send their work / portfolio / booklet to us to be assessed.

Send this via email with any attachments to Please make sure you send the following information:

This email is the submission for my child/on behalf of [name of child]. I confirm that the work presented is their own and that I have permission to share this with you.

Child's Name:

Date of Birth:

Date of Submission:

I am including the following information [delete as appropriate]:

Photos/Video/link to online evidence [provide link and name of platform], other [please specify]

From [name of parent/carer/responsible adult] [postal address/contact number]

Once we have assessed the work, we will either confirm that we will be applying for a certificate or will contact you to make any suggestions.


Your child’s name and date of birth is passed onto Trinity College London for the certificate and for Trinity’s data collection. Once we have received the certificate and posted it to you, WE DELETE ALL PERSONAL DATA.

While we have your data, it is stored on our secure server.

If you would like any further information about how 20Twenty manage data please do get in touch with our CEO,

The packs sent out to participating KS2 pupils

"Without our funders, 20Twenty Productions would not exist. In a world where all children and young people were treated with respect, equality, and afforded creative and artistic opportunities to express themselves, we would not need to."

Katherine Nightingale, CEO

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