Let’s get Digital 

We have worked across many projects that include teaching and empowering young people to use their digital skills in a multitude of ways. From work experience, to media clubs and stop motion animation activities.

We provide industry grade equipment for media studies students to learn essential skills to pursing a media-focused career, with our teams marketing and filmmaking experience.

If you’re a school and would like to know more about having our team in to workshop with students, please contact  info@20twentyproductions.co.uk

If you’re a voluntary organisation interested in our workshops to keep you oh-so-Gen-Z and tech savvy, then please email  shannon@20twentyproductions.co.uk

If you’re a young person who’d like to explore digital volunteering opportunities, please contact  info@20twentyproductions.co.uk

Sign up for Insight sessions below!

Insight is a series of workshops, giving young people an insight into the events, media & marketing industries.

We offer volunteering opportunities after you’ve learned the skills to support local organisations with content creation and events.

All workshops have a maximum capacity and ones at Neale-Wade Academy are only available to the pupils there. The Neale-Wade Academy workshops take place on a Monday from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm in the media classrooms. Any other sessions, keep a watchful eye on our social media for more details.

Insight is also offered to other business industries, to give ‘insight’ (you got it!) to these topics and working with young people too. If you’re a charity or CIC organisation who would like to access these kid of sessions, please pop us an email  Info@20twentyproductions.co.uk

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