Our Discover Days give every pupil an enjoyable and educational experience through a variety of creative activities – all in just one day. This includes musical theatre, music, visual arts, creative writing, poetry, dance and one of many digital arts based activities. Pupils work with artists from each art form and, as the day draws to a close, showcase their creations and share experiences. Every pupil receives their own Arts Award Discover certificate from Trinity College London.

How does a Discover Day work?

20Twenty Productions deliver Discover Days for up to 60 pupils over 1 school-day. This could be to the entire primary school or to a particular key state or year group.

The Arts Award accreditation

Arts Award accreditations offer a progressive route, and for many pupils the Discover Day is the beginning of something quite amazing. If you are interested in finding out more about Arts Award Discover Days, please contact Katherine.

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