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20Twenty Productions has many years' experience of running safe and efficiently organised events. We also have extensive experience of being a part of bigger events managed by a larger event management team. We particularly enjoy supporting young people that want to stage their own events and will gladly support the delivery of events for young people that raise money for a cause, raise awareness of an issue or simply give other children and young people a chance to participate in something new.


For the last 5 years, 20Twenty Productions has staged a Winter Wonderland at March Town Hall alongside the Christmas Market. Each year this event has undertaken a different theme. These events are planned and delivered by one of our apprentices and a team of volunteers. This is a fundraising event for 20Twenty Productions but, most of all, it is for the community. On the Saturday before the event a large team of volunteers come into the Town Hall to decorate the entrance, the stairway and the main hall as per the theme. On the Sunday the doors open and welcome children and families to spend a while, get their faces painted, make something at one of the craft tables and to enjoy a hot chocolate from our tea room. It's festive fun for all!


On the 17th June 2019 a treasured team member and deeply loved friend died in a car accident. Geri was such an important part of the 20Twenty family and she will never be forgotten. The Geri Crooke Foundation is designed not only to keep all of our memories of Geri alive and vivid, but also to help more disadvantaged children and young people access what was, or is, Geri’s passion. The theatre. Geri’s Song as such is a fundraising event where all funds raised will be donated to this foundation. The evening will be a mix of local musicians who are donating their time to raise money for this great cause.

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"Without our funders, 20Twenty Productions would not exist. In a world where all children and young people were treated with respect, equality, and afforded creative and artistic opportunities to express themselves, we would not need to."

Katherine Nightingale, CEO

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