Find out about volunteering in your local museum with changemakers

Changemakers focuses on giving young people in Fenland new, exible ways to get involved in volunteering at their local museums and gives them opportunities to create, design and host events. The volunteers will research local museums collections and use their knowledge with our support to develop their own exhibitions and associated activities surrounding our local ‘Changemakers’.

Volunteering is running in the following museums:

  • Chatteris
  • March & District
  • Ramsey Rural
  • Thorney
  • Wisbech & Fenland
  • Whittlesey

What are volunteers going to be doing?

Volunteers will meet once every 2 weeks at their designated museum depending on the status of the museum with Covid-19 and reopening. Changemakers is aiming to starting September to correspond with the school year.

Young Volunteers will be valued, and their expertise and ideas will help museums to appeal to a wider age range.

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to do an Arts Award Bronze in a Week as part of our Arts Award programme, which looks amazing on a CV!

What is a Changemaker?

A Changemaker is a local historic gure who shaped our country’s history and has encouraged change within society. These are very important gures within our local history and our volunteers will help to introduce a new generation to these inuential gures.

Some notable Changemakers to the local area are:

  • Priscilla Peckover – born in Wisbech, she was an active pacist in several countries to the point where she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize on 4 separate occasions.
  • Octavia Hill – also born in Wisbech, Hill was a keen social activist who campaigned for better housing equality in London and is also a founder of The National Trust.
  • Thomas Clarkson – again from Wisbech, Thomas was a leader in abolishing slavery from the British Empire in the late 1700s and was key in passing the Slave Trade Act in 1807.
  • John Clarkson – the lesser known brother of Thomas, known for his role as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and also being a keen gure in the abolishment of slavery alongside his older brother.
  • Lilian Ream – from Ely, Ream was a renowned photographer for over 50 years capturing iconic imagery of the Fens, much of which you may have already seen.

Why should I volunteer?

Changemakers presents a brilliant opportunity to develop your own skills as well as helping to develop your local community. It oers an incredible opportunity to gain experience in several roles such as event management, business management, history and local heritage.

Other reasons to apply include:

  • Learning about local culture
  • Making new friends
  • Sharing your passion and enthusiasm
  • Developing essential skills
  • Enhancing your CV
  • Volunteering through Changemakers also grants you Time Credits which you can used in exchange for several things such as cinema tickets and gym memberships as well as several other opportunities, locally and nationwide!

If you are interested, then please get in contact.

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