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Youth Advisory Boards

Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) are bodies of young people and professionals that meet on a bi-monthly basis. The aim of a YAB is to play a strategic role in identifying and addressing issues that impact upon young people.


We are piloting Youth Advisory Boards in Fenland and East Cambs, working with key partners and young people to operate a strategic partnership that commissions services and sustainable activities. These will strengthen community cohesion and increase local community capacity to meet the needs of young people, especially for the more vulnerable.

How does a YAB work? 

The Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) are groups of young people aged 11 - 24 who focus on issues that young people feel strong about in their area. They do this by consulting with other young people to identify which issues they feel strongly about and commission various organisations/business to help tackle these issues. They YABs also have partnership meetings with public figures like the Police or council members to find out more about the issues they are tackling. 

At the moment the YAB's are still being very active and meeting via Zoom due to COVID. If you would like to find out more about the Fenland or East Cambs Youth Advisory Boards please email Max. 


The Fenland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) has been active since October 2019. Since then they have achieved so much to make a difference to young people across Fenland. 

When the YAB formed they identified two main issues to focus on by consulting with young people across Fenland. These issues were Bullying and Mental Health. Here is some work the YAB has done since identifying these issues:

  • Commissioned the Young People's Counselling Service to create a mental heath toolkit for young people. This will be a physically pack of resources in order to help young people focus and improve their mental health. This is also being developed as an app so there is a digital element too. 
  • Commissioned some software to two Fenland secondary school called Tootoot. This software allows students to do various different things like report issues in school anonymously. 
  • Supplied craft actives for children and young people during the first lockdown. 
  • Paid for Year 10 students to have tablets to be able to work from home during the lockdown. 

 The YAB are still working on these two main issues and now have a focus on Food Poverty too. Both the Fenland and East Cambs YAB are working to create a Food Poverty Conference that will take place in August 2021. 

 East Cambs Youth Advisory Board 

The East Cambs YAB has just started to develop and they had their first meeting in December 2020. Although they have not been going too long with have identified some key issues that the young people want to work on. 

Food Poverty is also an issues the East Cambs YAB want to work on. They will be joining up with the Fenland YAB to work on this issue. 

Safety is another key issue the young people have highlighted as something they feel needs improving and the YAB will be meeting with the local Police to discuss this issue more. 

We really look forward to working more with the East Cambs YAB and seeing what amazing work they produce. 

Creative resources commissioned for young people

Tablets for students with no digital access

Campaigning for issues important to young people

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