Community Ambassador Programme (CAP)

Social action is people coming together to improve their own lives and the lives of others by addressing issues that affect their community. This can be achieved through volunteering, raising money, community action or just acts of kindness. The Community Ambassador Programme supports and inspires young people to get involved in social action in their own community.


2020-2021, despite lockdown the Community Ambassadors met on a weekly basis through Zoom sessions. They worked in partnership with the Live Smart team at Clarion Housing and FACT’s Befrienders programme to help over 80 isolated elderly people. They each received a letter from an Ambassador just to keep in touch.

The Community Ambassadors also volunteered in many other ways during lockdown:

  • Bike Fixers, fixing bikes in the community.
  • Supporting mental health in young people
  • Intergenerational work
  • Training and personal development

A big thank you to Clarion Futures for continuing to fund this project.


Social action projects are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together for the good of others and, importantly, not for profit. The objective of this project is to bring about social change that will benefit an individual, a community or wider society. We, as an organisation, want to give young people an opportunity to connect and make a positive contribution to their community, have a voice, feel valued and listened to, increase resilience, increase confidence, increase self esteem, increase levels of youth aspiration and reduce isolation. This is particularly important in rural, less affluent areas where young people may have less opportunities to engage in their community. This may be due to a lack of resources, family structure, low income, rural isolation, cultural challenges or even prejudice.


The programme launched in April 2019 and, to date, over 80 young people have already achieved over 2500 volunteering hours. They have helped to create dementia gardens, complete park clear ups, support young children with the Summer Reading Challenge, run creative workshops for younger children, steward at local events, run activities at National Play Day and organise their own fundraising events.


If you would like to get involved in any of these programmes please email or call our office on 01354 652769.

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