The Youth Advisory Board’s (YAB’s) are groups of young people aged 13-24 that focus on issues that they and their peers feel strongly about. 

The YABs do this by consulting with other young people to identify which issues they feel strongly about. They then select and commission organisations and businesses to tackle the chosen issues.

We currently run two Youth Advisory Boards. These are The Fenland YAB and The East Cambs YAB. Both work closely together having agreed the three main areas of focus, which are:

  • Wellbeing
  • Community
  • Democracy

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Get to know more about what we’ve been doing in Fenland & East Cambridgeshire involving wellbeing, community and democracy.


Proposed by a YAB member who is passionate about politics. The first activity the YAB delivered around democracy was a Question Time event at Cromwell Community College in November. The event involved local politicians including Dr Nick Johnson and Lucy Frazer. This provided an opportunity for young people to put forward questions to politicians and hear their responses. The YABs are now exploring how to get a young person elected to the Youth Parliament for Fenland and East Cambs.


The YAB’s have been working with the Young Peoples Counselling Service (YPCS) to develop a Wellbeing Wallet. This includes a Wellbeing Journal, Wellbeing Playing Cards and a fidget.

Alongside the wallet will be a Wellbeing Mentor Programme. Mentors will receive training to deliver 11 wellbeing sessions to their form throughout the year. The YAB also funded two schools in Fenland to use a system called “Tootoot”. Tootoot allows students to report issues in school anonymously. Tootoot has been well received and has helped students talk about issues they may be facing, which they may otherwise not have been able to.


In 2022 the YABs have also focused on Community. They have been looking into various factors of the community such as: transport, activities for young people, detached and outreach youth work.

If you’d like to enquire about joining the YAB, please email us.

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