ICT development

20Twenty Productions deliver classroom activities that support the ICT curriculum for year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils. Combined classes for single form entry schools can be delivered to pupils in years 3 and 4, and 5 and 6.

Our staff have many years experience of delivering ICT and STEM based activities in schools, plus real world experience of working in the IT industry.

What will your pupils do?

Your class will, amongst other topics:

  • Learn to code using the Scratch coding system
  • Use Minecraft Education to learn to code using Python
  • Learn how to use word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications
  • Develop graphic design and 3D animation skills
  • Build robots using LEGO’s educational Spike Prime robotic kits
  • Use Python and Scratch to code completed robots
  • Understand how important ICT skills are to their future careers
  • Develop a range of transferrable skills

Duration of programme

Our staff can provide sessions that span:

  • An entire school year
  • A term
  • A half-term
  • A bespoke number of weeks

Programme details

  • Individual sessions can be any duration above 75 minutes
  • Sessions are usually weekly, and can be scheduled to suit your needs
  • All resources, including iPads, are provided
  • All sessions are session planned and include class evaluation
  • A minimum of two staff members deliver each session
  • Two assessments will be performed if delivering for the entire school year
  • Whilst the presence of a TA is beneficial, teachers may use session for PPA

How does my school get involved?

If you would like to discuss your specific ICT curriculum needs please email max@20twentyproductions.co.uk.

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