Music development

20Twenty Productions deliver classroom sessions that support the music curriculum for years 1-6. This is delivered with variations of theory, singing, digital lessons and instrumental lessons.

What will your pupils do?

Your pupils will:

  • Learn a new instrument
  • Learn and be able to use music vocabulary in line with the national curriculum
  • Learn how to read graphic notation
  • Learn various genres
  • Develop rhythm and time keeping through percussion instruments.

Duration of programme

Our staff can provide a music programme that spans:

  • An entire school year
  • A term
  • A half-term
  • A bespoke number of weeks

Programme details

  • Individual sessions are timed at 30 minutes, however, you can select more than one kind of session per class/year group
  • Sessions are usually weekly, however, we can accommodate other frequencies
  • Percussion instruments and iPads are provided (if your school decides on a class instrument these must be provided)
  • All sessions are session planned and include an evaluation of learning
  • The delivery is in line with the national curriculum.

How does my school get involved?

If you would like to discuss your specific music curriculum needs please email

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