Environmental commitment

20Twenty Productions have joined the growing number of arts & culture organisations and individuals declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

Two of our directors, Marian and Tim, are Board Environmental Champions, working with Julie’s Bicycle to inspire action, imagine positive futures, and take practical steps to bring environmental sustainability to the heart of our governance.

Our environmental policy is a large document. Below you will find the energy section, one of the key elements of any policy. If you would like to see the whole policy please email  Marian.

Energy section from our environmental policy

20Twenty Productions CIC is a community interest company that improves the social mobility of children and young people through various creative, well-being and social action projects and initiatives.   

20Twenty Productions will continually strive to achieve this mission using energy-efficient products and processes. We acknowledge that at the time of creating this policy that our day-to-day operations do produce a larger than necessary carbon footprint. We have identified key aspects of our business that contribute to this:  

  • Consumption of electricity, gas and water
  • Waste generation by employees 
  • Waste generation produced via session participants 
  • Transport emissions through employee travel to work 
  • Transport emissions through employee travel to sessions 
  • Procured goods and services with their own environmental impact

The 20Twenty Productions Board of Directors are committed to measuring and looking for opportunities to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint every quarter. 

Our business is strengthened by protecting the safety, health and environment of our employees, our customers, and the people of the communities in which we deliver our services. Our environmental commitment can be demonstrated in our established objectives and goals below: 

  • Compliance with applicable standards, laws, requirements and public expectations
  • Staff training to understand how to support organisational carbon footprint goals and audits  
  • Performing quarterly carbon footprint assessments 
  • Environmental signage in building spaces 
  • Continuing to run a waste/recycling/reuse policy 
  • Commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 
  • Minimising unsustainable transport through the development of a travel plan 
  • Selecting suppliers that look to decrease the environmental impact of their services 

We will convey this policy to all our employees, providing them with training to increase awareness of carbon footprinting and wider environmental matters. 

Marian Savill is our Sustainability Champion and has been designated responsible for the day-to-day implementation of our environmental policy. Tim Nightingale is our Carbon Footprint Analyst and has been designated responsible for performing quarterly audits. All staff members are expected to support both roles and adhere to objectives from this and other related policies. 

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