Paper Line Sculpture

The Paper Line Sculpture sessions are our Reception offer in our Creative Trail. Children will learn about lines and create a paper line sculpture of their own.  

What will your class do?

Your class will:

  • Learn what sculpture is
  • Learn about lines in art
  • Learn basic paper sculpture techniques
  • Work with a professional artist

What will your class create?

Your class will:

  • Create a paper line sculpture using coloured paper

How will they benefit by taking part?

  • Develop the knowledge of what paper sculpture is
  • Develop such essential skills as active learning, creativity, initiative, reasoning and problem solving
  • Developing confidence, self-belief and self-esteem
  • Develop fine motor skills

How does my school get involved?

If you would like to discuss delivering the Paper Line Sculpture project to a class in your school, please email

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