Stop Motion

The multi-week Stop Motion project allows pupils to write, stage and film a short stop motion film using one of a variety of high-quality themed LEGO sets. 

What will your class do?

Your class will:

  • Be introduced to the Stop Motion art form
  • Be given a themed LEGO set that can be used to create a stop motion film
  • Be shown how to move, position and photograph their story
  • Be shown how to use the Stop Motion app on the iPad

What will your class create?

Your class will:

  • Record their stop motion film
  • Edit the film clip to include additional audio effects or music

How will they benefit by taking part?

  • Developing skills and confidence in valuable technologies
  • Developing such essential skills as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and leadership
  • Developing self-belief and self-esteem
  • Appreciate the wide range of careers involved in filmmaking

How does my school get involved?

If you would like to discuss delivering the Stop Motion project to a class in your school, please email

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