Well-being Ambassadors

Is your child aged 14+ and interested in advocating change for other young people? Would they like to help deliver fun projects and events that support the well-being of other young people?

Well-being Ambassadors meet every other Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Attending every meeting is not mandatory, but we ask Ambassadors to attend at least once a month.

What will your child do?

They will:

  • Participate in regular meetings to plan future events or projects
  • Receive training in specific mental health and wellbeing areas

What will they create?

They will create, or work with others to create:

  • Content that informs other young people how they can support their own well-being
  • Well-being toolkits for young people
  • Well-being events for young people to attend

How will they benefit by taking part?

  • Gain insight into how to better manage your own well-being
  • Develop your own skills in event management
  • Gain skills and knowledge from delivering well-being sessions

How do they get involved?

If you are interested in your child becoming a Well-being Ambassador, please email rhianna@20twentyproductions.co.uk.


Wellbeing Ambassadors are not a counselling service, nor should they be seen by other young people as a person to whom they can disclose private information. The Ambassadors are a group of young people advocating change for other young people’s well-being by creating fun projects and putting on events that benefit other young people that participate in these activities.

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