Wisbech reads literary festival

The Literary Festival gives Year 1 children from all Wisbech, and surrounding village, primary schools the opportunity to spend an immersive day, in a variety of local cultural venues with published authors/illustrators, enjoying varied activities. At the end of the day all the children receive a Discover Arts Awards certificate. 20Twenty Productions has the pleasure of event managing this fabulous festival. 

Wisbech Reads welcomed 571 children over its 5 days in the summer of 2019. Our authors and illustrators were Pippa Goodhart, Ellie Sandall, Megan Brewis, Gillian McClure and Carolina Rabei. The children were given the opportunity to visit Wisbech Castle, Wisbech and Fenland Museum and, of course, Wisbech Library, where they were shown how to borrow books and participate in the Summer Reading Challenge.  

In the spring of 2020 we will be facilitating a Poetry Festival for year 2 children. We also look forward to the 2020 Wisbech Reads Literary Festival which will take place from Monday, 6th to Friday, 10th July.

Wisbech Reads activities are funded by Cambridgeshire Culture, Clarion Futures and The Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge. It is a partnership located in the Wisbech area of Cambridgeshire. Its focus is to increase the levels of literacy amongst children and adults. The partnership is taking a community-based approach to this task believing that engaging the whole community and using trusted assets to facilitate  delivery will bring about sustainable, community-driven development that will yield results for the longer term.

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