What is the Bits &  Bytes Programme?

Bits and Bytes is a 10 week programme that we run in primary schools (typically with year 5) that helps children to develop their essential skills for life. Using LEGO robotics, students must work in teams to compete various robotic challenges, from building assistive technology for people that cannot see to designing prototypes to solve environmental issues. Teams can earn points though the 10 weeks by showing good examples of their essential skills such as team work, problem solving, curiosity, leadership, resilience and more.Points equal prizes!At the end of the 10 weeks all of the points from the teams get added up and the winners from each class get come tour Robot Wars competition for the day for a chance to win an awesome prize.If you’re a primary school who’d like to host a Bits & Bytes session, please get in touch to discuss with us.

Teacher Feedback

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the teachers say:

“The sessions provided by Max and Tom were exceptionally well planned and resourced. Their knowledge was excellent and they were always keen and enthusiastic, encouraging the children at every opportunity. The class looked forward to their sessions each week with many saying it was the highlight of their school week. The children learned valuable team building and resilience skills as they faced challenges each week which required them to communicate, evaluate and resolve issues they faced. Children who have previously struggled with confidence gained skills in sharing their ideas with a group and standing up and being proud of their achievements.”

Mrs Lynn, Teacher

Alderman Payne Primary School

“The children have really enjoyed the Bits and Bytes challenges. Being a project that most have little experience of, it has been a challenge to some and has developed them both socially and as programmers. It has been interesting to see how friendships have developed, and how pairs of children have learnt to work together to solve the various challenges put to them. As sessions have progressed, the resilience of some individuals has improved, and those whom sharing and group work had been an issue for, have also seen an improvement. There are some children who have ‘shone’ as investigators and leaders, perhaps to the detriment of others in their group, but on the whole the benefits have outweighed the disadvantages across the classroom. The children’s understanding of both programming and environmental issues have certainly increased as a result of the programme, programming on this scale, is beyond the current financial limits of the school. It will be a shame to see it end. Girls, I feel, in particular have benefitted from the chance of them working in larger groups or with some of the boys. This has allowed quieter girls to flourish in areas that perhaps they would not have been able to do so previously. Overall, the project has so far been a success and has provided many opportunities that the children would not have had otherwise.” 

Mr Laing, Teacher

Kinderley Primary School

“Our class of thirty year four children have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Bits and Bytes’ programme. They look forward to their weekly sessions, and are fully engaged and motivated in all the exciting activities which have been planned. We feel, as a school, that this programme has given the children the opportunity to develop their communication skills with their peers, and work with children with whom they wouldn’t normally work alongside. It has given children of all abilities the chance to work together on problem based activities which the 20Twenty Productions team have delivered in a creative and enthusiastic way. This programme and its creative thinking approach has enabled our children to develop their independence which will, in turn, help them become lifelong learners.”

Mrs Pooley, Teacher and Arts Subject Lead

Leverington Primary Academy


Bits and Bytes was fully funded by the Department of Education via Cambridgeshire County Council as part of a unique offering to primary schools in Fenland and East Cambridgeshire. The project was funded for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 school year, however, due to COVID we had so stop delivering the programme half way through the second year. We are now back delivering this programme as of September 2021. 

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