Who are 20Twenty Productions?

20Twenty Productions are a community interest company constituted in 2011. We work in partnership with children and young people to enable them to positively contribute to a stronger more resilient world.

Highlight of the Week

Highlight of the Week

Last night was the best All Stars rehearsal we have in ages! The energy everyone brought to the group was ecstatic and that really came across in their performances. They performed some really great characterised pieces and the dances are looking fab. Well done to Everyone last night, Lets see if we can keep this going until show!



Discover Days

Here at 20Twenty we want to enable children to experience a variety of creative activities in just one day.  These can include; musical theatre, music, visual arts, creative writing, poetry, dance and digital arts.  The children work with artists from each art form and at the end of the day showcase what they have done and all receive a Discover Arts Award certificate from Trinity College London.

If you are interested in finding out more about Arts Award Discover Day please contact Katherine.

Library Presents

Library’s are so important to us as an organisation and so we couldn’t be more proud to announce that we are working with local libraries on a new project called ‘Library Presents’. In partnership with ‘The Library Presents’ and Cambridgeshire County Council, 20Twenty are delivering discover days in Wisbech Library and Wisbech Museum for up to 300 children.  Celebrating 100 years of the Beano which is this years ‘Summer Reading Challenge’.

Ambassador Project

We want to give young people an opportunity to connect and make a positive contribution to their community, have a voice, feel valued, listened to, increase resilience, increase confidence, increase self esteem, increase aspirations and reduce isolation. The young people will have the opportunity to plan events and activities as a part of this social action project, combatting certain issues within their community. We are currently working with Year 5’s as our Junior Ambassadors, Year 8’s as our Community Ambassadors and also our Arts Ambassadors. To find out more, please contact Katherine.

We are so proud to announce that we are Artsmark Partners! Find out more!

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